The Nova National Emrebuildingw recruiting we are looking for LOYAL and ACTIVE members to fill our ranks. NNE is a military/competitive clan with the simple goal of becoming the best. We play everyday and when we play we play to win but also to have fun. The Nova National Empire was once home to over 100 Spartans but due to personal problems many left, our numbers now hang around 20-30 (Not all on waypoint). At this very moment we are in the process of rebuilding What we once had. It is a long and drawn out process but we welcome it. If you need any extra info message me on here or on XBL @king chaos 216 and visit our website at


14 years or older
Must be willing to change emblem
Mic is preferred

Also NNE is looking for Talented Forgers to build unique HQ’s, meeting bases, raid maps and all around custom maps.

I look forward to hearing from you all
Thank you for your time.