Nitpicking at its finest

The Battle Rifle’s smart scope in the beta really annoyed me. Its function was fine; what I couldn’t stand was its appearance. In Halo the UNSC’S various assets (such as its ships and weapons) have all resembled polygons (meaning they have distinct edges) while Covenant assets have been more rounded. However, the Battle Rifle’s scope was round. At first I thought it was a Covenant weapon. You may think I’m crazy, but I think it honestly makes a significant difference. That being said I would prefer if the Battle Rifle’s smart scope and all UNSC ordinance for that matter resemble polygons (as they have previously). However, I recognize this isn’t the biggest deal so I don’t expect 343i to make this their first priority.

I told you it would be nitpicky.

You know what?..

I actually agree. I don’t like the Sight of the BR. I would prefer a straight up Red Dot Sight or a ODST SMG styled sight, But the weird curved pillars they have at the moment are a little odd to me.

Either connect the two sides to form the full RDS or make it holographic.

I also agree.

I don’t really care for the split sight either.

… I like it.

-Yoink!-, minoritised AGAIN!

A reimagined holographic sight would’ve better, imo. Not a big deal, tho.

I think maybe remove all UNSC physical sights and put in what we see of the pistol, no actual sight but everything is like a virtual holographic sight that is seen only through visor, kind of like what we see of holographic sights in black light or destiny where the sight is projected from a small point instead of a modern day apparatus where theres the sight shell/case with a dot inside it, holographic interfaces are all over halo… Why not include it with our weapons?