Ninth Games Freedom Map pack sneak peaks

Here is a sneak peak at a few of the maps to come for Freedom! Gemini this is older but it is still an awesome vid for refrence. The new name shall be Highrise. Here is Requim enjoy.

We have 2 other maps that will be put in. But note that one or both may not be able to be seen in this map pack.

The Ninth Games Team

Also all feedback is appreciated. I will also have other pics of Requim if you want to see and of a map were announcing called Scarpyard so yeah thats it.

Also I would Like to state that to be ready to see some Halo Reach Music Video Parodies that Im sure you the community will love.

You should clarify that this is unofficial and for Halo Reach, because I was about to come in here and start furiously shouting, “NOT HALO RELATED!” as I am wont to do at times. :3

hmm okay lol bbut what did you think?