Ninja Warrior 2012 (Now with Zombies!)

Ninja Warrior 2012
Midoriyama Bay

Hello everyone and welcome to beautiful Midoriyama Bay! I’m Zinastin alongside Ninja Shizoku, the duo responsible for Ninja Warrior 2011, and we’re proud to be bringing Ninja Warrior 2012 Halo: Reach. Ninja Warrior is an obstacle course (based off the popular TV show of the same name) that challenges your ability to maneuver in Mjolnir Armor across a wide variety of increasingly difficult jumps and gaps. It’s you against the course and up to 15 of your friends at the same time. Do you have what it takes to climb Midoriyama Tower, achieve Ultimate Victory and become a Ninja Warrior?

If this is your first event, here’s a quick rundown of Ninja Warrior 2011 on Lake Midoriyama. Using the feedback that we acquired from people we played with and talked to on forums, we took a look at each obstacle to determine what we could improve upon and what needed to be cut/replaced. As a result, we’ve achieved a linear-style progression in difficulty that really kicks into gear in the 2nd stage. If you have a spare moment, be sure to take in the sights of the wildlife around the Bay, which includes snakes, turtles, birds and more!

Let’s take a look at what Ninja Warrior 2012 has in store for us today:

Stage 1

  1. Zombie Apocalypse: Avoid Zombies at all cost!
  2. Shield Bouncer: Bounce back and forth before climbing the back of the Dragon.
  3. Leaping Fireballs: Jump carefully to clear the black and white fireballs.
  4. Dropping Birds: Catch the updraft before gliding swiftly and dropping from one bird to the next.
  5. Jumping Spider: Spring off the trampoline and traverse the narrow gap in the walls.
  6. Clam Slider: Slide across the slick surface to the Gravity Lift on the other side.
  7. Snake Eyes: Right between the eyes. Then straight into the mouth.
  8. Warped Wall: The near vertical hurdle. Back with a vengeance and even meaner than before.
  9. Shrieking Eel: It’s the sound you hear just before he feeds… Clear his head and jump off his tail to proceed.
  10. Asteroid Field: Make your way up the field of comets and push the button before 30 seconds are up and your Invincibility Powerup wears off.

Feel like spectating? Don’t miss out on any of the 2nd and 3rd stage action! Hop through the teleporter behind the spawns and check out the great view from the Observatory Saucer!

Stage 2
11) Slippin’ Slide-jump: A well-timed jump will get you out of this slippery scenario.
12) Salmon Ladder: Perfect technique and flawless execution will make this series of jumps look easy. Mind the large gap.
13) Rolling Balancer: Navigate the course while balancing on the golf ball to advance onward.
14) Ultimate Cliffhanger: The ledges on this signature obstacle give little room for error. Use the angle of the grid to get that extra height and distance.
15) Snake Slider: Duck through the stomach and squeeze out the rear. Hang on for dear life before dropping onto the floating crate below.
16) Flying Mongi: Choose a Mongoose (Roarin’ Red, Blazin’ Blue, Royal Purple, or Breast-Cancer Awareness Pink) and build up speed for one big jump before one big tower.

The dreaded Rock Lobster has recently developed a taste for Mongeese! Find the right moment to avoid becoming a tasty snack!

Stage 3
17) Midoriyama Tower: Railslide down and take a leap of faith for the Jetpack which you’ll need to use with precision timing to climb up the 7 floors of Midoriyama Tower to achieve Ultimate Victory!

Failure pays a heavy toll in Ninja Warrior. There are no checkpoints to reach and the only thing you’ll find outside the course is a teleporter that takes you back to the beginning. A teleporter with a 7 second delay. It would also be best if you stayed out of the water entirely. What would Ninja Warrior be if it were easy?

Spartans run at 150% speed with 150% gravity and spawn with an Energy Sword and unlimited Sprint. Upon respawning, however, all Spartans have Zombie colors and can kill anyone until they’ve calmed down enough to tackle the course again, or 10 seconds have passed. Whichever comes first.

Below is a list of Ninjas who who have climbed Midoriyama Tower, achieved Ultimate Victory and have become Ninja Warriors. If you would like to join their ranks, please post the video in your fileshare and link your Ultimate Victory here!

(Reserved for Ninja Warriors)

Please post your comments/feedback, thanks.

> Please post your comments/feedback, thanks.

I really like the zombie element…

Which obstacle do you get most worried about approaching? Do you have a Ninja Nemesis?