Nighttime Gamepley

I want to see nighttime levels/multiplayer maps. And by nighttime, I do not mean night “themed”, I mean PITCH DARK, where you need to change your use of equipment and tactics entirely to compensate for the lack of vision. It would make stealth attacks MUCH more fun, have a fresh new aesthetic, ect. It would just add a whole new opportunity of experiences.

Discuss jerks. :slight_smile:

So like ODST without the VISR?

I get the concept, and I find myself wishing for it as well. But how would it really play on a TV screen?

I think of Keyes from CE as the one level that comes closest, but it’s still fairly bright and augmented by the night vision.

ODST comes in a close second, but it was augmented by VISR.

I’d like another round with VISR, to be honest. The frenemy outlines were cool without being obnoxious. And it’s much more Spartanesque than a flashlight.

I think it could work. The only thing they’d need to do is manipulate the contrast of light sources like lamps, fire, stars, the moon(s), light-reflecting planet rings (perhaps?) :), and other stuff so that it would show up properly on a TV/monitor.
You would of course need to balance out how and when you can use night vision and other visual -Yoink!-. Otherwise people would just use it the whole time. For instance, the battery levels would run low, and need to recharge, or it can more easily give away your position, ect.

As for comparing it to ODST, I feel like it still didn’t capture the same look of what nighttime really looks like in real life. Games have started to look much more believable in daylight themed levels/maps, with more detailed shadows, simulating how the eyes adjust when transitioning from a dark area to a lighter one, so I would imagine that nighttime levels should only follow suit. Who can argue that games like Slender Man are annoying simply because you “can’t see anything”? It’s kinda the point, so why not capture that same primal human anxiety of being hunted at night, or stalking your prey in this kind of game?
I really am surprised that the game developers could overlook such a potentially awesome approach, but then I remember how sound travel was instantaneous in Halo 4, and completely understand. lol
So again, I think the challenge and isolation of being in the dark and under pressure of being hunted would be a ridiculously fun experience in a FPS like Halo. It would definitely bring back the fun of playing night games.
If this sounds cool, add your thoughts. If not, explain why.


Spartans are enhanced to see better in the dark.

> Spartans are enhanced to see better in the dark.

Yeah, pretty much this. Even in pitch dark, Spartans would see just fine.

Either way, it’d be an awesome variation to the gameplay. It would be really disappointing if they used that as an excuse to not do it.

Absolutely, as long as it’s implemented right!

> > Spartans are enhanced to see better in the dark.
> Yeah, pretty much this. Even in pitch dark, Spartans would see just fine.

Not just fine in pitch black. Would need the help of the Visor.

A day to night cycle would be awesome.

Also, keep in mind the possibility of how much more in-depth the audio could be in relation to this. Imagine not being able to see anything in really dark areas, only relying on a highly detailed surround sound environment, requiring critical listening to distinguish hostiles/threats from redundant sounds of the environment. Heck, your sense of direction itself could be challenged. Imagine only relying on the night sky to navigate direction. I know, I’m rambling, but this just seems like it’s full of so much potential that could REALLY keep Halo from getting boring, and all it takes is a flick of a light switch.

I just played through Last Light, so I might be slightly biased, but darkness and a good lighting system can lead to some amazing environments. I realize Halo is probably never going to have the same level of immersion, it being more of a combat-focused shooter, but we can always dream. The flashlight returning would certainly help.