NightPack Gaming is looking for US/UK Players!

NightPack Gaming is an up and rising US-Based Halo 5 roster that mainly focuses on ranked arena, so why are we looking for UK players? We have agreed that for people like myself and a couple others in the clan, for there to be a UK/EU branch. We operate in our own teams, but reach out for scrims and trainings occasionally with our US buddies, that is if we have a few more UK members. Still, more players, from either US or UK/EU would help.
What we expect from our members:

  • Skill and knowledge about the game is required, but even if you are ‘bad’, but can be dedicated enough to be able to improve to a higher level, we still accept you too.
  • Respect and sensibility towards eachother, yes, this may sound kinda corny ik, but it is also a requirement. We don’t want NightPack to fall apart over a lousy argument
  • Of course, Have fun in NightPack, we don’t just do Ranked and practices, but fun customs and game nights most nights
  • We also have a discord server, so it is required that you have it
    For more information, visit our Waypoint Page —>
    If you want to contact either me or the Clan Leader, see below:

JamesLikesGrape (me):
JamesLikesGrape (Xbox)
JamesLikesGrape#0494 (Discord)

DeAnigh (Clan Leader):
DeAnigh (Xbox)
DeAnigh#8944 (Discord)