Nightmare Redemption Map type

Hello! Just for kicks I desided to get on halo reach (really wish the sprint was in this game besides as a load out) I checked out one of my old maps and I never got it out. It is a invasion game type which I thought was pretty impressive. It was created by multiple people in my clan at the time. We called the map Nightmare Redemption. We never really got to test it fully. We did test it for the most part and it seemed like a pretty good map and for the most part idiot proof. However I do feel it may have its error. For the most part I think it turned out to be a great invasion map. Let me know what you think. Under halo reach search “Nightmare Redemption” Hours upon hours were put into this and you can be as critical as you like. If it sucks I want to know be blunt, be cut throat it won’t hurt my feelings. Orginally we did this for a contest when the game was first released but we never got a chance to fully test it out so we never submitted it.