Nightfall Video Permissions Problem

First of all, I want to thank anybody reading into this problem of mine.
I have run into a problem regarding my brother and the Halo Channel.

The problem is, my brother (uses gamer tag: OceanBlue3) cannot access the Halo Nightfall videos on Halo Channel.
When we had first purchased our Xbox One, we had split the cost and got the Halo: The Master Chief Collection bundle, which had apparently included access to these Nightfall videos.

I suspect that because we had downloaded the game from my account (gamer tag: xXSarloXx), that he on his account cannot access the videos. This would normally not be a problem, as he could just watch them on my account. The reason he needs to watch them on his own account, is that it would reward him with “Nightfall” armor in Halo 5: Guardians. This armor is important to him because the design is based off of the armor of an ODST, which happens to be his favorite variant.

On my own account, I have received this armor, though I don’t particularly want it. This bugs me because my brother was extremely disappointed to find that his account lacked permissions to the content that he helped pay for, while I alone have full access to that content.

Is there any solution to this problem of ours, can I transfer permissions somehow? Is this a problem we should take elsewhere? We would really appreciate any help we can get on this matter.

  • xXSarloXx

There is a possibility that even if you did get the nightfall vids to work that you may not receive the nightfall armour at all. I have read other threads, where there is no real solution to this problem at all. However I can assure you that the nightfall armour set is in the req pool. Grinding through the req packs should eventually yield the armour.