Nightfall Rewards Changed?

First and foremost, greetings fellow community members and Halo fans!
Since the games release I’ve like many others experienced various issues (mainly regarding achievements and Halo: Nightfall, also I have yet to try the multiplayer. Been busy going through the campaigns on Legendary and reliving some good ol’ memories).

Anyhow, when I first tried to watch the first episode of Halo: Nightfall on launch everything went smooth. And once the episode was done I noticed I had unlocked a reward (yay!). My main incentive is to earn all the armour sets for the upcoming Halo 5: Guardians mp-beta.

Although, when I looked through the rewards section. I clearly read that I could earn an additional reward for watching the first second story for episode 1. Marvelous I thought! Let’s get to it! But once I’d watched it, nothing unlocked. I then proceeded to watching the remaining second stories, but to no avail. I then thought it might have something to do with all the fuss regarding servers and technical issues. So I quit the game and next morning (I can’t recall exactly if it was the following day or a few days later) the reward for watching the first second story for episode 1 was gone entirely, removed from the rewards section.

I haven’t heard anything about this, I’ve searched all the forums and internet in search of a similar experience. Did they remove and replaced it? I can tell that there are still 8 rewards just like before. But I don’t remember the other rewards. Now there are 2 rewards related to episode 3 and episode 4 respectively.

Before release I read that you would get the Nightfall helmet for watching the first second story of episode 1 which it still says in a picture here on this site on the description page for Halo:Nightfall and the rewards topic if you look closely in the picture.
i don’t want to miss out on these fancy rewards for Halo 5. Just curious to know what what they did here. Also, are there no way of telling which of the armours you’ve already unlocked?

Thanks for reading my topic and for the answers you may provide.


I’ll have to check this out.