Nightfall Amour

I watched all of nightfall twice and I still haven’t gotten the armor. What do I do now?

That’s too bad. Is that how you are supposed to get the armor?


I am in the same situation
Does not unlock

How did you buy nightfall? For the purchase of $15? Or through the MCC?


Unlock: Watch episode four of Halo: Nightfall for the helmet and watch all 5 episodes of the series for the armor or Mythic REQ card.

A few months back the Nightfall armor was added to the general REQ pool. You can get it from opening REQ packs now :slight_smile:

After seeing the episodes, in halo chanel there is an option that says get rewards something like that, and there you have to get the armor and other things you get for tmcc. When you go to the games you do not see any pack, you have to go to your inventory of helmets and armor and there it should be.

That’s what I did and I have the armor, of course I do not know where you are, but you have to see the episodes in English, change the language and region of the console.

I watched all five episodes with the mcc code, clicked the link in the game that took me to the halo channel. After seeing all 5 i put in halo 5 and it was there