Night Vision and Flash light default access?

So sprint is now a default thing

its easily said that adding more map interaction can increase gameplay.

well we all know that the sprint is default but why cant we have the Campaign Night Vision and Flash Lights
default on the D-pad as it is regularly?

its no real advantage acept to see in really dark spots and anyone can use it if it would be a deafault layout.

and have some maps show darker shadows and we got more gameplay options.

NOTE: some maps can look to be to dark based on your special effects so why not have this option to light things up in the dark so if you want to make a really scary map or just one the leans on use of lights well we can still have personal lights to make our way and this alone can add so much more to combinations of FORGING OPTIONS

D-pad Flash Light: DOWN x1
D-pad Night Vision: DOWN x2 double tap like a mouse

cut any of the 2 off with the next press and we got a remastered control option

whats your Idea please comment

I want both the fleshlight and the nightvision.

These can be used very good for my Infection map ideas. :slight_smile:

> I want both the <mark>fleshlight</mark> and the nightvision.
> These can be used very good for my Infection map ideas. :slight_smile:

dirty joke
+1 for that

so what kind of girls you thinkin bout spyin on with the N-Vision lol

I actually wouldn’t mind a weak flashlight in multiplayer… If you’ve seen some of the gameplays on Adrift, it can get pretty darn dark… you know, a flashlight just enough to light a few feet in front of you and can’t blind other players. It would also give away your position due to the light. And of course you could turn it off if you want to be stealthy.

I doubt they’ll do that though.

Definitely. Especially if there are dark multiplayer maps. They would be good for infection.