Nifty way to measure in forge.

In forge it’s sometimes hard to judge distances by sight alone or through walls especially when your making symmetrical maps, you want to get all the measurements just right to get that perfect distance between weapons and bases.

Using the grenade launcher, you can hold down R, and walk away from the grenade and the gun will tell you the distance between the grenade and you in distance of feet. Just watch the lcd screen on the launcher count up as you move away.

You can kick the grenade into place, aim it into a makeshift box, etc etc. It works well when you cant see where your trying to measure from.

Good idea! That never occurred to me! I always like seeing people find new and inventive ways to use elements of the game.

InB4 Nerf

Good job, I might use this technique sometimes.

Wow thats smart,

I’m trying that now. Oh and here we call it the Pro Pipe!