Nieve question Incoming

what’s the difference between TU slayer and Normal slayer?

before you tell me to look it up in the search, i tried, and i couldn’t find anything

Tu slayer has different mechanics. Like 85% bloom on the DMR, i’ll try and find a link which explains it all

It’s spelled naive, wrong word to use too. I am just being picky though i get your post OP.

TU= Title Update and is an updated version of the old Reach settings. The changes are as follows:

  • Bleedthru- This was removed due to health pack glitch and…feedback on the forum. It used to be that if a player has weaker shields, the damage would carry over to health and if it was a headshot or a melee, it would be an instant kill.

  • 85 percent bloom-faster resetting reticule to allow pacing to beat spammers more. Works better than 100 percent bloom.

  • Armor Lock nerf -you can now pop players out of armor lock and can kill them with stickies now since they can’t shed them anymore.

  • Camo nerf- It doesn’t last as long.

  • No Sword Block- Players can no longer block the sword without another sword.

  • There is also ZB, which stands for Zero Bloom and as the name suggests, there is no bloom on precision weapons.

Vanilla Reach settings are as follows-

  • Sword Block-You can block a Sword Attack with a well timed melee

  • No nerfs to Armor Lock-can’t pop them out and plasma grenades can be shed.

  • Camo lasts longer than in TU

  • 100 percent bloom

  • No bleedthru (vanilla uses a different system where even 1 percent of your shields could block a melee and allowing you to counter attack).

That’s the gist of it. You’re welcome :slight_smile: