NFL Join in game in progress.

Hey, are you tired of watching the Patriots beat the Lions 35-0? Well, now you don’t have to worry about that anymore because thanks to 343i, the NFL will allow random people to join games in progress! When a team is getting beat really bad, the NFL is going to take starting players and swap them for the fans at home and in the stands. Are you to lazy to do anything on a Sunday but sit on your -Yoink- and watch football while eating potato chips? Well now you get to play NFL football in the place of NFL athletes. So no more complaining about how bad Rex Grossman is as a quarterback, you and your fat -Yoink- get to the chance to join a NFL game, mid game!

Are you tired of watching that cornerback make stupid plays? The NFL’s new, join in play system will allow the second and/or third string cornerback to join a play in action! How cool is that!? If your starting cornerback misses that tackle, just take him out and place your second string cornerback next to the ball carrier and tackle him! Now how sweet is that!?

Joining a game in progress… Seriously… watching my favorite game series die has never been more ridiculous.


I don’t even know what to say anymore to people like you.

> I don’t even know what to say anymore to people like you.

I do. hey OP:

> Regarding the drop in/out system. One good example of how it can be properly implemented is actually present in the Gears of War series.
> Gears of War features a selection of playlists. Once selected, you get the choice of ranked or social. If you pick social, the game starts searching for a lobby. In the event it cannot locate one within X time, it drops you into a game. I do believe leaving is penalized after a certain amount of leaves.
> With ranked, you don’t get that choice. You are going to start the game from a lobby and leaving is penalized on a stricter scale, or at least its believed it is.
> If properly implemented, this could work VERY well for Halo because no one, and I mean no one wants to be betrayed again and again only to boot the person and not have another fill that person’s slots. Where my concern on this is:
> Host connection.
> Games that feature BTB numbers are going to need a much more solid net code to handle the possible flux changes and ultimately, resetting the map with new power weapons. Your going to find a major backlash is still going to hit BTB players though and many randoms are going to find it easier to leave. The natural repercussion is the Banhammer, but any system is not going to be perfect and mistakes are going to happen. This is my concerns for it. not the actual ability to drop in and out…