Next Update Needs More Weapons

343 needs to give us more than maps, and armor. We need some new weapons. Give us like 3 to 4 guns. They could be new iterations of classic weapons or something completely new. Give us some new equipment too. Same deal new iterations on old stuff like, energy drain, jetpack, or something completely different. I don’t know we just need something else to make the game more fun because right now its very repetitive and boring.

The next update needs pretty much everything. The game, essentially, launched as a beta and is pretty much barebones. Not to mention and all the technical issues.

I don’t disagree with you, but if the issue is that things are taking longer than normal to get the game to where it should be then I think giving us stuff we can use would help keep the game feeling fresh. Heck Fortnite adds new weapons and equipment throughout a season, not just every time there is a new big update. Why can’t we get like 1 weapons or piece of equipment like every 2 weeks or something. That would be better than armor that does nothing.