Next Update: Custom Games

With the release of the new weapon tuning update, Halo 4 appears to finally be getting back on track. The weapons feels equally useful, player speed has been bumped up and a while back the red X was fixed and improved. I’m feeling confident enough to say that Halo 4 is making a great recovery. However, these changes won’t be enough to permanently stimulate the population and bring back those lost during the Dark Days of Halo 4’s beginning. In my opinion, updates and additions to Custom Games will do that and should be the next focus for 343i.

At this point, demand for an improved custom game experience is very high. Thousands of people have thanked the massive megathread regarding Custom Games. Besides requests for weapon balance, Customs have been something that fans have been clamoring for. More gametypes and options to customize these gametpyes is something all fans can get behind, after all who can say no to new content? Prior Bulletins have also shown that 343 Industries know this is a huge issue, so that adds in positive PR and authenticity to the claims they listen to the fanbase, which is not to say the weapon tuning update doesn’t show this, but more examples don’t hurt.

However, I think the strongest reason to focus on Custom games for the next big update is because this could give the community the tools to save this game. Think about how the community has impacted the games through customs. Flood’s history can be traced all the way back to Halo 2’s Zombies mode, a fan made game that relied on the honor system yet remained a popular staple for customs. Grifball was a gametype designed by RoosterTeeth and has exploded in a phenomenon all of it’s own. Heck, Race started out as a small race map on Foundry and only grew as map makers were given the tools to make more elaborate maps on Forge. All of these became official gametypes by the time Halo: Reach came around.

If given the gametypes and the tools, I can only imagine what the community could craft. The next big thing can be made in Halo 4. Even if people don’t care for War Games, they can still flock to Custom games and keep playing Halo 4 for years to come.

Does anybody else agree? If 343i decided to go this route, I would support them all the way.

This and weapon lowering. That would be awesome if they could fix this and make it available some easy way for customs.

Fix the final killcam, pleaseeeeeeee :slight_smile:

They still have work to do on the playlists as well. Fortunately, this is already in the works.

With Halo 5 or at least Halo 6, I want a terrain editor with a combination of old and new gameplay options. But for now, I agree with you. Custom games has become an important part of Halo, and 343 cannot let that community down. It’s better late than never. As an added benefit, it sort of lets them “prepare” and “test” for the next Halo–whether that be Halo 5 or another title… I’m not sure :slight_smile:

If they actually worked on Customs, I think pretty much everyone would be happy. I don’t know a single person who hasn’t played Customs at some point. You would think that with all the possibilities, Halo 4 would have more options than Reach. You should be able to do everything you could in Reach and more! I think a Customs update would definitely bring back more people!