Next trailer?

Hi 343i, I remembered, exactly 2 years ago, Waypoint launch a First Look about H4, a video with interesting content about the game, after recall, I wondered if the same will happen this year with Halo Xbox One. Release a trailer in the coming days or weeks? Or we have to wait until E3?

We’ll likely get a trailer soon to put us on, then in-depth reveals at E3.

I consider myself an optimist when it comes to these things, but this time it’s different. If Halo Xbox One is actually Halo 2 Anniversary, I doubt we’ll see anything until E3.

I’m hoping for a first look trailer like Halo 4 but big news will be at E3. I really hope that they show something before E3.

I want something before E3…

I can sense the anticipation building already.