Next mcc update

This is what I’m personally hoping for the next mcc update (based around forge)

  1. Forge improvements for both Halo reach and Halo 3 especially
  2. Map border removal for halo 3 maps for example sandbox and sandtrap for bigger potential for custom games and more forge flexibility.
  3. More vehicles for halo 3 and Reach, Pelican and Phantom for both, pelicans and phantoms would definitely work for H3’s sandbox map with a out of bounds border adjustment as well as sandtrap.
  4. Forge quality of life stuff and more objects like hanger doors, barrier removal/adjustment option maybeeee ai?
  5. Flood based props and pieces, would be cool to make like a containment area type location or like a flood infected area on a already existing map.

I hope Reach also gets barrier removal options, imagine Forge World, or Tempest, or even Ridgeline without barriers, it’d be a Forgers paradise.


Keep in mind barrier removal was a forge feature in the Halo game El Dewrito which is kind of taboo to speak of here, but I doubt we’ll ever see barrier removal for campaign. If I’m being 100% honest I’d rather only see barrier removal for multiplayer due to how big it’d make already big maps.


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