Next Halo Multiplayer Suggestions to 343!

So I just wanted to give 343 some suggestions about the Halo 5 MP.

  1. Bring back De-scoping get rid of Flinch.
  2. Make it possible to drop the flag but keep the magnum
  3. Change JIP so only in a certain amount of time people can join
  4. Bring back the CR-system from Reach were we need to earn money to buy the Armor.
  5. Recreate Ordnance so we get a plasma pistol,Boltshot, Plasma Grenade or Puls grenade out of it.
  6. Try to make more good and enjoyable maps. Make the maps in a way we want remakes of them in next Halo’s.
  7. Give us more Custom Games options
  8. Bring Team Throwdown back
  9. Bring Race back
  10. Bring Invasion back
  11. Bring Firefight or Spartan Ops back
  12. Give us a Classic Playlist without sprint and without loadouts
  13. Keep a Capture the Flag playlist! I Love it! Fav Gamemode.
  14. Keep Static Power Weapon Spawns. No more Random Weapon Spawns.
  15. Make it harder to rank up or give us more ranks. I prefer the first one.
  16. Keep the 4-shot BR
  17. Give us more customization options for Flood like Infected from Reach.
  18. Give us some Classic Servers and Infinity servers with seperate DLC for the Classic gametypes and Infinity Gametypes.
  19. Give us the option to turn off sprint
  20. Give us an in-game CSR System!

If anyone has some different suggestions or opinions feel free to reply!

I agree with you all but flinch.

Put flinch on default guns like DMR,BR,carbine,LR.
But add more bloom to counter the flinch.
Make the flinch option to be turn off costem games for default guns.

Everything else yes