Next gen Spartans are recruiting

At Next Gen Spartans the team is everything: we win or lose as one.
All that we do is geared towards working as a unit, including:

  • A monthly internal lsystem where you wil be assigned a fireteam that will compete regularly in league games against other Next Gen Spartan Fireteams.
    The league is designed to build fireteams used to working with one another and give company members a chance to learn from and teach one another in a competitive setting. Show you can work with your team mates, that we can trust you and that you can kick some -Yoink- and you’ll be looking at making one of our inter-clan teams in no time.
  • A dedicated group communications channel designed to make it easier for clan members to organise games with one another informally.
  • Regular competitive action against rival companies.
  • A company homepage where we share match reports, videos and other company-generated content.
    So long as you’re fighting with us, you’re never fighting alone.
    But are you a good fit for us? Well, in the end it’s teamwork that wins matches so your attitude is as important to us as your aim - if you’re looking for individual glory then look somewhere else.
    But if you’re an active Halo player, a mature communicator and interested in joining or even leading a fireteam of your own then this just might be the place for you.
    We’re actively looking for reliable, experienced squad leaders who can help us develop our current members but also anyone interested in playing regular Halo with a friendly group of mixed-ability players.
    Let us know if this is you.