Next game..... Please make me feel like a super soldier...

In Halo Reach I don’t feel like a Spartan. I feel like an average marine.

Bloom? Slowwing my kill times down like crazy
DMR? It just doesn’t feel powerful. The weapon isn’t even fun to get kills with.
Health Packs? With all the mini nukes I find myself constantly searching for health packs which is not fun at all.
Fall Damage? It just limits awesome things you can do. I feel constrained when I’m playing Reach.
Assault Rifle? Can it even kill in a full mag with every bullet hit? (probably can but doesn’t feel like it)

PLEASE 343! Try to limit things in the game that make me feel like a baby kitten. When you make a game with all these dumb variables in it you’re just asking for people to play at a very slow pace.

Kill speed needs increased to around Halo 2 kill speed.
All the extra stuff added to Reach/H3 armor lock, most equipment, terrible extra spaces on maps, bloom etc all needs to go away.

Fast gameplay on symmetrical arena style maps FTW! <Something that Reach and Halo 3 got away from.

Some things you said were in Halo 1 though. And not everyone want the same thing. There are people who still enjoy armor abilities, assault rifle or DMR (including me). I’m aware that all Reach’s new things don’t satisfy all Reach’s players. But rather than taking’em away, there should be more gametypes, maps, or old-type progression system looking like those before Reach. I actually love Reach, and I want it to stay like it is, but adding more possibilities looking like H2 or H3 could be a great deal to satisfy everyone who love Halo. We don’t necessarily need to throw away things we personally don’t like, because that’s also a way to lose players. Remember : adding possibilities, not necessarily throwing’em away. That’s the way Reach could become better. And it also includes what 343 should do for the future Halo titles.

That’s just what I think.

Being tough is part of being a super-soldier. Why must my armour and shields designed to protect me from small arms fire (non-power weapons) be weak against small arms fire?

I feel that H2 and H3 avatars are toy soldiers. CE’s and Reach’s avatars feel like super-soldiers.

PS: though it was not noticeable in the reticle unless you held the trigger, the CE Pistol still physically recoiled in the Chief’s hands.

> Assault Rifle? Can it even kill in a full mag with every bullet hit? (probably can but doesn’t feel like it)

Just over half a mag. with 100% hit.

100% Agreement
For one reason, people enjoy playing games that make them feel empowered.
Look at God of War

Look at Duke Nukem

Look at Halo:CE


You 100% agree and then you add a /thread?

/thread is more for something that can be proven right or wrong. I want peoples opinions on this nobody is right or wrong.

Being a super soldier doesn’t mean that the weapons are supposed to be powerful, too.

Also, you have to remember that you’re going up against other super soldiers…

I understand that but still… I do not feel powerful with Bloom. You’re telling be that a Spartan is going to flintch at all while shooting? That is what Bloom is supposed to replicate Sway/Recoil. The game just feels so slow and boring and my weapons feel as if they don’t work. I need some rumble bursting BR. What a powerful weapon. H2’s not H3’s.

You know they are Spartan III or how the UNCS name them “Disposable Cheap soldiers” ?

No, seriously its balancing the game

I think the battle rifle was too much powerful… And yes, Noble 6 is not as strong as Master Chief, this is a fact. But “bloom” offers a deeper balance of gameplay. I don’t think H2 or H3 really offered the sensation to be a Spartan soldier as they were described… Master Chief was an exception because he was the toughest Spartan, and playing with him was a really great experience. But seriously, after 10 years of playing with him, I’m glad now to play with a super soldier who is still strong, but not as invincible as the Chief was.

> You know they are Spartan III or how the UNCS name them “Disposable Cheap soldiers” ?
> No, seriously its balancing the game

Sums it up… the point of the game is that you’re not as strong, fast or reactive as the chief you have a few gene and chem enhancements, SPARTAN II’s had the full works…

…you should just be glad you got some MJOLNIR armour all other SPARTAN III’s wore SPI armour which lacked an energy shield.