Next 343 game: New overall Halo or H3 anniversary

With E3 on its way, we should be getting a trailer for the next Halo alongside a H6 tease. I wishing for 343 to make something new. Something that is entirely their own, no connections to other Halo games. So like Reach or ODST. I do thought love H3 but we’ve had so many remakes lately, I rather them hold off for now :slight_smile:

Also Halo Wars 2 wouldn’t be the next game we’re talking about.

2015: H5
2016: Halo wars 2
2017: Halo ???
2018: Halo 6

My guess is that they’ll release Halo Wars 2 in 2016 and in late 2017 we’ll see Halo 6. I hope they do release a Halo 3 Anniversary around the same time as Halo Wars 2. I wasn’t a big fan of Halo Wars.

2017 will either be Halo 3 Anniversary, or a massive update to the Master Chief Collection that will fix it forever. I’m hoping it’s Halo 3 anniversary, to be honest.

This year is definitely Halo Wars 2. Next year will be announced most likely at E3, we don’t know for sure. But many people, including myself, hope it’s H3 anniversary. 2018 will most likely be Halo 6, but we won’t know until they announce it.

2018 is Halo 6 initial planned Release date because it takes 3-4 years to make a New Halo title than it is to making a Remake like Halo 3 which would only take 2-3 years which is less time & money than it is to making a new title, but they still gotta spend money to making Halo 3 Anniversary but its better than not a having a Halo game & they do need more money to make Halo 6 & to add split screen back or 60fps again(probably won’t do 60fps again). I am really giving high over the cliff hopes for a Halo 3 Anniversary to be honest.

It doesn’t matter what Halo is teased, because if 343i makes it, it will be a disappointment.