newly started clan looking for members

hello to all we are a newly started clan (DHG-deadheadgamers) looking for new recruits, we are a uk based clan playing mainly slayer 4v4 8v8 btb some objective. we have a couple of custom maps and some training arena’s we also have a website:
we’re looking for mature respectful team orientated members to join our clan although we like to be competative our main onjective is to have fun, we also play reach! if your interested please visit the link above and get in touch. JEDI M1KE

Hmm. Filled out that form. Sent it. No response…

really sorry been a bit pre ocupied add me on xbl JEDI M1KE and we’ll get u sorted out

Or contact lew15d (lewis)

just a heads up, you might not want to refer to yourselves as the DHG, because that acronym is used by Die Hard Gaming. just pointing that out.

cheers it has been mentioned before thats why i try to put deadheadgamers nxt to the DHG in my post’s etc…

We are: DeadHeadGamers and have no connection to DHG diehard gamers just to clear things up

could a moderator please close or remove this thread we have changed the clan name.

cheers mike