Newest Halo 4 Map, Kudzu! (15+ hours)


\\Kudzu is set on Erosion and takes place where the Griffball court is.

\\Kudzu is great for 4 vs 4 and also great for multiple gametypes. (KoTH, CTF, Oddball, and slayer.

\\I have spent many , MANY hours making this map at least playable, and many more just fine tuning it. Kudzu has been through many iterations. I hope you enjoy the final product. I also did not use the original floor which is white, because it contrasted too much with the rest of the look from the level.

\\The main point/fun part of the map is the “sniper ally” at the top. I wanted to make it a war that always takes place on top. Hopefully that’s what happens. I also wanted the map to flow well, and using the pipes provided that.

\\The map is currently under my fileshare. Just search me, ii st4rs ii

\\Some pictures of the map are here:

1) General overview of the map

2) Another view

3) Overview of the top-center

4) A look at the underside from last picture, and the teleporter leads to the next photo.

5) Underneath last picture, and where the teleporter comes out.

6) Bottom-center, with lift

7) Close up of lift.

8) Output of center lift

9) Spawn lift

10) Above spawn lift.

11) One of the four side lifts.

— Before —
12) Before all the pretty stuff was created.

Thank you so much for taking your time and looking at the pictures.
Hopefully you like it enough to play it.
I would love to see what you think might work better. Thank you.

I wish I could get a video for you all.

Hopefully this does well enough to get in on the playlist.

If not, I’d love to hear what I can do to make this a better map.

UPDATE: I have updated the map, it now has a hidden Easter egg.

Looks like one of the better Erosion maps I’ve seen, I’ll test it out soon and I’ll leave a critique (since no one has bothered posting yet).

Hi there this map looks pretty cool from the pics. I’ve been spending a lot more time forging and playing custom games since I hit max level. I’ll give this map a try out tonight and get back to you with my thoughts. I have one map in my file share which I’m looking for people to test and give me feedback on if you get time to look at it for me, it’s called Tornado and has been inspired by the classic map Narrows.