Newbie ~ What is 0000?

What is the 0000 next to the gamertag when the start button is pressed?

thats your clan tag, change it to what ever you want

Service tag, not clan tag.

Thank you for your answer! Now what is it for? How do I change it?

Oh, never mind. Figured it out. Thank you for replying though and helping out a newbie.

Happy to help a fine gentleman. [:)]

Now think of amusing four letter words to share with your team!

> Happy to help a fine gentleman. [:)]

I see what you did there… :slight_smile:

Thoroughness times 2! remember you don’t need to use all 4 characters, and you may want to make it something easy to call out, so people aren’t saying “hey S9B0! come back!”

Mine, for reference, is just DAS.