Newbie H5 Player: VERY slow Quick Play? (5 mins?)

Hi all,

I played Halo CE since launch back in the day but getting back in and starting Halo 5 Multiplayer.

Maybe its my super low level, but Quick Play almost doesn’t work? I had internet issues yesterday so my “NAT” gave errors and I had to restart my modem… but that seems to have fixed.

When I go to “Big Team Slayer” or (Triple Team?") it seems ot pic up a game within a minute or so, but Quick Play seems like it doesn’t function.

Is this known? Or is it because I’m so new?


Could be playlist population, time of day, or try switching your preference to expanded.

I think the term “Quick” can be misleading lol, you will find the speed at which you get matched in most types of games vary from day to day, the “new” game types ( haloween infection) are normally good for quick matches.

Likely a population issue.