Help us celebrate the release of my new YouTube series, Halo Invention!

It is just a sneek preiew of the new intro, but episode one will be here soon.

Click here to watch!

No a whole lot there. Whats the show about?

This is very well done

It’s like Machinima’s Halo Forges, but very different.

People send us there maps that they have made on halo : Reach and soon, halo4. Then we basiacally pick NOT the best maps, but the well made maps. We look for quality, not how good the map looks.

Then we have a review team who commentate the map while playing a game type on it.

In short it is commentry while playing on a map, but its a platofrm for showcasing people maps…

Dont know if tht made sense lol, but look here if you want the full story


Thank you :smiley:

Hmm sounds interesting. Keep me posted on when the first episode comes out.