New XP system, skill aversion?

343 just released a new XP progression system.

Yes it is a step in the right direction as a player can level up in their tier in les games played. Which is good as time spent in the game will not feel pointless as much and I am thankful for this.

However, it is still a flat rate XP system for everyone with no incentive for good gameplay, compete either gameplay, and objective oriented gameplay.

To me this appears to be some sort of aversion to skill? Instead of rewarding player that carried the team, completed the objectives, and got the kills; we are greeted with what is supposed to be some sort of video game communist utopia where everyone is granted the same rewards?

343 is not the first game to do this but cmon really? An everyone gets a trophy xp system….

Regardless, at least they did something to better the xp progression system. Better something than nothing I guess.

It’s a band aid fix to the current system whilst they spec out and design a replacement system. These things don’t happen in a day, they sometimes don’t even happen in a month.

I think all the threads pointing out the lack of X Y Z in today’s fix are essentially missing the same fundamental understand that this is not the final fix to the progression system. 343 are updating as they the fix they implemented last time didn’t have the intended results as far as XP gained.

It’s important to note that they’re committing to working on a larger solution, so let’s celebrate the fact that they listened, and made a positive change that at least makes the items in the pass far more attainable than they were last week.


I completely agree, I’m glad they are at least doing something to fix the games progression system so they obviously are listening.

They listened to the fans and players but I applied the feedback in the opposite way of what people were asking.

A lot of posts want solely skill based progression.

I know not every player is going to be god tier earning 100+Xp a game on kills and objectives, so there needs to be a middle ground somewhere that provides match winning bonus, I small xp increase per kill, a small xp increase for objectives complete, and a flat base xp for playing.

Current system is 20 games is 1,000 xp or one level.

New system is 7-8 games (or less with challenges) for 1000xp/one level

At least we can level up faster by playing, but what’s the incentive to actually play objectives and win? I might as well load up in a game and go afk if I’m going to get xp regardless.

I think the true solution to the current problem (at least with progression) is a fine balance somewhere in the middle that includes everyones input.

That goes for all issues because progression is one of many issues that the community have feedback for.

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With you 100%

Progression, customization, and battlepass with continuous new updates and content is what keeps a game alive in today’s world.

It can make or break a game, and for halo infinite my only gripe is the xp other than that I do actually enjoy it.

Exactly, and although it’s not the most ideal scenario currently, such as a fully featured rank system similar to H:Reach, I already feel much happier that there’s basically a free level a day if you elect to simply show up and play six games. I enjoy playign this game, the movement is great and feels way more dynamic than the MCC. And it’s nice to see that for at least a few games a week we’ll be progressing towards the pass whilst they find a more in depth solution.

You’re right, this does not reward skill.

To fix this let’s make it so only players who have achieved Onyx rank can earn exp. That way we are rewarding skillful players and punishing dirty noobs who can only get MVP in gold lobbies. Eurgh, ban them already!

I think what they mean is giving a small amount of XP for acclodates we’re already given ingame e.g. Triple-Kill, Kong, Return to sender etc.

I would like to see this expanded to captures, secures, time holding the ball etc so that playing the objective is encouraged too.

Something a little more than turning up and being there when the game finishes.

So we would be punishing players for protecting the Oddball carrier…

For every system there are upsides and downsides. We fix one problem, but create another.

Objective goes far beyond just doing the objective. Slaying and map control are equal parts important.

If it makes people happy to get a slightly varying exp bar after every match then so be it. It probably averages out for most players on the bell curve across time so would likely be no different to the current system for 90% of the players except the only people it hurts is the least skilled players who arguably need that helping hand to progress.

For the best players, I imagine progression is of little importance to most of them. The people that seem to be lobbying for the change are the people that will perform average over time and therefore would be similar to the system not existing. I find it bizarre. But if it will stop 80% of people parroting about progression then I guess it’s worth changing it even if it is essentially a placebo.

So we would be punishing players for protecting the Oddball carrier…

Defending the oddball carrier naturally gets you kills, aim for double-triple, perfect etc. And that’s just using mechanics already in the game. If they’re adding a new system they can easily add a +X score that rewards XP at the end of the match for how long you spent defending the objective.

Objective goes far beyond just doing the objective. Slaying and map control are equal parts important.

All covered be existing score modifiers in the game.

For the best players, I imagine progression is of little importance to most of them

It’s a good job the industry doesn’t just cater to the ‘best’ players. The same as it shouldn’t cater to those who are simply the loudest or most prominent.

It’s about finding that balance that all players want, not just want individual members (me included) want. I’ll settle for any system that brings improvement to mine and others playstyle simutaenously. But sometimes that can’t always happen.

Oh absolutely it’s a skill aversion, that’s just how challenge-based XP works. But this is just a bigger band-aid while we wait for a better system.

2nd band aid.

Still not paying.

(TBH if they gave me a free expletive every kill, I still wouldn’t pay them).

I welcome the fix if only because it’ll speed up unlocking the battlepass I payed for, but I think the entire concept of a solely challenge based progression system built to monetise challenge swaps, build in limits to progression made per week & the associated playlists being randomised gamemodes instead of gamemode specific, are such fundamental design flaws built into the foundation of the multiplayer that it’ll take a complete overhaul to actually “fix” it in a reasonable capacity, at least to a level which halo fans are used to.

It honestly boggles my mind that they decided upon this model in the first place & didn’t think maybe we wanted some kind of ranking system to be present at all in the game?

I hope later on they properly overhaul the system, although I don’t imagine it’ll happen any time soon. For now I’ll just be farming my 6 bot matches per day lol.

I hopped back into MCC after a couple year’s absence and I was astounded; the progression system, UI, custom playlist selection, and customization are beautiful now! Particularly with progression, the way it factors individual performance and medals into XP is amazing. I’ll never understand why 343 couldn’t continue this into Infinite. They created a literal template that seems to be overwhelming praised, yet decided to implement something incredibly lackluster.

Fine, then sit in a corner and spin and get your XP. Nothing is good enough for you people.
My god, it’s Tuesday after a holiday break, maybe let them work for a week.