New Xp System (My Idea)

I have came up with a way to get xp that 343 should do and it isnt that special but I just want to get this out there.

1 Kill = 2xp
1 Assist = 1xp
1 Objective = 5xp
1 Medal = .1-25 xp | Ex: Headshots add 0.1 score to kills. You get 5 kills one match = 10 xp + 2 headshots so 5.2 xp | 2Ex: Overkill (Get 4 kills in a row) = 5xp
1 Match Played (Loss/Tie) = 50xp
1 Match Won = 75xp
1 Match Won (Top of the Leaderboard) = 100xp

That is a basic scoring system that should make leveling rewarding and not too fast.
I have one other idea kind of my own spin on Halo 5 Challenge system.
I call these Stat Trackers or Stat Challenges.

Get 100 M4AR Kills = 50xp + All Black Weapon Skim
Get 250 Sidekick Kills = 75xp + All White Weapon Skin
Get 10 Splatter Kills W/Warthog = 25xp + Red Warthog Skin

Get 5 Capture the flag wins = 50 xp + Ice Effects

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If they were handing out XP left and right like this I would actually pay for and use XP boosts.


Not bad, but this might encourage farming and TKing (if friendly fire ever comes back).

Also, I would offer 1/2 XP for bot matches. Not everyone wants to sweat through PvP all the time, but the lowered XP gain at least encourages it.

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What will encourage Team Killing. Also team killing just gets rid of score and you will get booted, Sorry if i misunderstood ur comment. Also I dont understand by what you mean by farming other than the bots but this system is every other game to exist for the most part. And people dont have to sweat, this acctually makes it that doing bad like only 2 kills and 5 assist actually help worse players. Playing the objective doesnt take too much skill and is rewarded.

For the bot matches of course they could turn down the xp on that no doubt.

Yes which would be more money for them.

I wouldnt consider this handing out. I did the numbers and this system would still take at least 30 to 45 mins each tier but better than current system.
Edit: Most games use this kinda system anyways so ye

For team killing, you MIGHT get booted. Halo is pretty famous for it’s horrible boot/betrayal system.

For farming, what I mean is that in some modes (Oddball or CTF) the winning team can delay the end of the game by refusing to score the objective. The rest of the team goes out and farms kills off of the less skilled team. Until the match ends. Rewarding XP simply for kills can and has led to this. I’m not opposed to it, because it’s simple, makes sense and is the standard for most games. People will abuse it is all.

Like I said before, your idea is a good one, but 343 would have to iron out some wrinkles.

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I mean for farming. People do that rn. Lets say you just want a high kill game. People farm in halo infinite rn. Also so what, dont wanna sound like a jerk but that has never been an issue in gaming.
Also im still confused on the team killing part. What do you think in my system is encouraging team killing? I never said anything about friendly fire (Which there is none)

Farming is useless with the current system.

Flags. If flags are worth more XP, player might betray the flag carrier to score it themselves to get the XP. That’s all.

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Oh. Well there still isnt friendly fire in the game so dont worry about that.

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