New XB1 Experience Causing Issues With Halo 5?

Ever since the new update has been downloaded on my Xbox One, I cannot join friends or even send them invites to my lobby. This happens when I try to do it in game, and it also happens when I try to do it through the dashboard. I keep getting a message saying that the game is “unable to reach the Halo 5: Guardians lobby service.” My friends said that they do not get my invites, and that they get the same message when they try to join me. Am I the only one with this problem as of today?

I’m having the same problem. it really sucks.

I had a disconnect during a game of warzone about 20 minutes ago, Everyone started walking into walls and then I was greeted with “console unable to connect” despite being in a still active party. Friend seems to think it’s due to the fact that Halo 5 had issues earlier today.

Can’t connect to my friend or send invites either.

I had this problem before the new experience update earlier tonight, installed the update a couple hours ago and still had the same problem. Looks like its a Halo 5 server issue unrelated to xbox live, many people are reporting the same issues tonight, still nothing from 343.

I have this issue also. Seems like 343 don’t care about the good size group of people who can’t play their game. All I would like to see is at least a response or something.

Whether it is an issue on the Xbox side, or an issue on the 343 side, it is really disappointing either way. Halo needs as many players as it can get, especially with Call of Duty: Black Ops III and Fallout 4 out now. I only own Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Halo 5: Guardians, and I can’t even enjoy them with friends, especially since there is no split screen option anymore for Halo 5: Guardians.

Same problem, just updated my XB1 and mow I can’t get into any multiplayer lobbies or join my friends. “There was an issue with the Halo 5 Guardians servers. Please try again”

Same here, my friends are having no issue playing with one another and party chat is working just fine, looks like the server just wants me to be excluded.

ahhh. same problem with me. such a bummer cause i was pretty excited to play today

I love the new dashboard update, it’s very fast and much easier to use. I did notice that since the update day, I have not been able to party-up with my friend and play halo. Both he and I are not receiving each other’s game and party invites, and when we try to join each other’s games, we both got a prompt that said “having trouble connecting to halo 5 guardian servers, please try again” Has anyone else experienced this? It is a little frustrating, my friend and I have different schedules and find it difficult to play online together. Just to be clear, we are frustrated because the game is really good. Thanks.

Having the same problem, quitting the game completely (not just exiting and re entering) will allow you to access multiplayer, but you can’t form parties. My buddy’s Xbox network status info told him that some Microsoft social network services are having issues.

Bump, having the same issues!

Me and my wife tried everything. We have had the xbox1 new dash update for a while and never had this issue. It randomly started when we tried to get on and play a couple hours ago. Not sure if its 343 or xbl… Free Sympathy req packs please? XD

Count me in for this one too. MCC all over again.

Same issue here. I even waited a few hours and same issues occur. My only day off this week. This sucks!!!


I’ve had a range of issues since the NX1E. In fact, these issues are the reason I even came to post on this forum.

I’ve been tweeting at both Xbox and the Halo twitter accounts most days and absolutely no response. There is no official mention of it anywhere either. I get the feeling that 343 is burying their heads in the sand and are going to fix it with the update and try and pretend that nothing happened.

What is missing is accountability, and owning up to say “there is something wrong with the game and we’re doing our darnedest to fix it.” I get that the game just came out and they want to not have their sales affected, but it is infuriating and disenchants dedicated fans.

I’ve had every issue mentioned in this thread, and know that if I am, there must be many many others. I couldn’t even play tonight at all.

Some sort of official response would go a long way.

I spent thousands to buy an Xbox and TV to play this one game on, and now it’s not going. Severely disappointed.

I’ve been getting this whenever I try to play today. I’ve tested several other multiplayer games and they all work, the only one having problems is Halo 5.
I’m in Australia if that makes any difference. I’m also in the preview program, and my console got a new update about 6 hours ago but, like I said, every other game works just fine.

I’m essentially unable to play any of the Arena games. Error: Unable to match.
Warzone is relatively reliable to connect.
Connecting from NZ…
Seriously 343, how is it possible to FUBAR both MCC and Halo 5?