New Weapons for Halo MCC

There is one thing that I’ve been thinking about, 343 could make new weapons for the MCC. I kinda got this idea from looking at the new armours that 343 seem to be making for Halo 3. This made me think of the possibility of 343 making brand new weapons for the game. When I say ‘Brand New’, I don’t quite mean ‘From-Scratch’. What I mean is that they could introduce weapons like the SAW or Railgun to Halo 3 or bring the Assault Rifle to Halo 2 or bring the SMG to Halo Reach.
Just a though as I think that it could be a nifty idea.


Yes I agree with this

I want the incineration grenades from H3 campaign to available in multiplayer. Have them in BTB and/or FFA.


I think Digsite is already doing this to some extent from my understanding, since a fair number of the very weapons you’re suggesting were prototyped in CE and each subsequent title before getting cut or reintroduced

Basically: if the weapon in question isnt in the game, yet has a near identical counterpart weapon model from that games development, than its very likely that development weapon will be added to fill the exact same role its future counterpart fills in subsequent titles. Essentially take Halo 2’s GPMG or Halo CE’s MP-99 Para for example, the former will likely fill the same role as the SAW, while the Latter will fill the same role of the M7 SMG, just like the jump from BR55 to BR85.


Agreed. And the speed boost power-up would be nice as well.

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While I’m down for this, I don’t know if they should be ported from other games. I feel like taking identity from one game into another might not be a great move. I’d much rather see existing or canceled assets brought in.

For example,

  • Combat Evolved has Sentinel Beams, the Energy Sword, and Wraith.
  • 2 has its turret, the Prophet beam, gravity hammer, and projectiles from the giant Sentinel Enforcers,
  • 3 has the spikes shot by the Flood rangers,
  • 4 has a sentinel as well,

And then there are Halo: Online’s weapons, though most of them are just buffs on an existing weapon and don’t do much to stand out with Halo 3’s range of weapons, but that’s my own preference.

Another big problem is if they’d even be usable - they’d all need to be placed on maps or gametypes and have those maps or gametypes be encounterable in matchmaking, something that, from my own perspective, has been more of a rarity, reflecting on the additions of the Silenced SMG, Automag pistol, and Brute Plasma Rifle to Halo 3, I barely have an opportunity to use them.

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Kinda feel like that takes away from them even making a new halo game to begin with. The min you start backwards-injecting stuff from later titles into the previous title, you mush that particular games initial approach to combat.

In H2’s case the AR is redundant because of the SMG being the primary automatic UNSC weapon and can be dual wielded. And in the case for reach, there’s simply no dual wielding, and making it an addition like the silenced ODST weapons to H3 just seems like a nothing kind of move.


They ARE in ,multiplayer, did you mean matchmaking? I think they are map spawns.


This is the sorta suggestion that modders are already taking care of. Console players aren’t really missing much because even if they did backport weapons I doubt they would feature them in matchmaking.


My guess is matchmaking, I don’t think there’s a single map that naturally spawns them. Even if they had similar spawn rates to power weapons or power-ups, being few and far between, it’d be better than nothing.

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I’d like the storm rifle in H2A! That’d be rad!

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I believe the fuel rod is also in that boat. I don’t recall a single map that spawns one in H3 or H2 matchmaking.

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There’d be one for sure if they release Skybridge, that map featured it for both bases according to the released screenshots

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Incineration grenades are most certainly not in multiplayer at all. They are available in custom games but that isn’t the same as multiplayer really. I would have to make a map, host a game and hope players join the game. Not a big fan of customs.

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It’s completely possible that Xbox players would be able to use those weapons in custom games, which is why I advocate for as much console support as possible, if it doesn’t work out, oh well, but I don’t want the idea written off for no real reason

They have kinda already done this with H3 including the ODST magnum & smg and ODST getting the BR for firefight so I don’t see why this wouldn’t be possible for other guns from different Halo’s other than maybe because of how different the engines could be but I’m sure if they can make it work with the armor they can make it work with the guns.

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It’s a little easier because of how similar ODST and 3 are under the hood.

If I were going to make an ask (that I thought was feasible) I might want some Halo 4 weapons put into H2A (which is derivative of the 4 engine).
The Sticky Launcher and Grav Hammer would be excellent additions for custom games

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They’re not even available as weapon starts either, if you want to start a player with them, you have to turn on temporary player traits on spawn, then use grenade regeneration…

Except that doesn’t work. Grenade generation is based on universal timing (every second in the match, for example) rather than individual timing (every second after a player spawned, for example), so there’s only a small chance you’ll get them on spawn.

They made one good grenade but don’t want us to have it.

I just want the DMR in Halo 3 tbh.

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Iunno about weapons because that could upset the MP weapon balance. Unless they’re just adding it so that people can make customs out of them, then sure why not.

More interested in 2 things for MCC atm:

  • Possibility of a Halo Reach Flood Firefight
  • Possibility of H5 being added to MCC