New Weapon Ideas?

I am wondering if anyone has any ideas on new weapons for halo 6?
Ideas can be for humans, covenant and prometheans.

I’m a big enough Halo nerd that I have several Word documents full of ideas for my ideal Halo game… but I’ll share a few brief summaries for weapon ideas here. :slight_smile:
First, I’d like to say I really, really hope Brute tech will return to Halo 6 as Banished incarnations. I want the Bruteshot, Chopper, spike grenades, even the Mauler! Needle Rifle and Grenade Launcher should also return. And the flamethrower.
For new weapons, I think a Brute crossbow that shoots firebomb grenades could be really cool.
I also have melee weapon ideas:

  • My favorite new weapon idea is to finally bring in the UNSC Machete. If you don’t know, it was originally planned to be in the first Halo game and can be seen in some footage and screenshots of the pre-Halo build. It is also visible on the symbols representing Normal, Heroic, and Legendary difficulty for campaign in classic Halo games. Basically, I think it should be a very quick melee weapon with shorter range and less damage than an Energy Sword–the “gunfighter magnum” of swords, if you will. What makes it really cool is it can be thrown. It would be thrown in an arc, so you could throw it over a wall. It would be an actual projectile that has to travel through the air, so you would have to have your aim and timing right to get thrown kills with it. It can then be picked up and reused.Alternatively,if it’s not usable in gameplay I at least one an accessory of wearable twin machetes on the back that can be used in assassinations.
    Ideas I am less sure about would be:

  • a similar weapon but a Banished gravity mace like in Halo Wars 2, also with short range and can be thrown, but in a straighter line, less arced, and with more drop/less range because it’s heavy. It would also be slower and could run out of energy and become weaker.

  • a Banished red Energy Sword. Fast and deadly, almost like the halo 2 Energy Sword, the red sword would have the payoff of continually running out of energy while it’s active, draining rather quickly. It could beat the blue Energy Sword due to a faster swing time. - a usable Katana in multiplayer as a sword with big lunge range, doesn’t run out of energy, but can be blocked with a melee (like the Energy Sword in Halo 2 nd Halo: Reach) and is beat by the Energy Sword. It should also have a slower draw time than the Energy Sword.Alternatively: bring it back as an accessory again and let us use it in assassinations.

Feel free to use the wishlist threads.