New Weapon Ideas For Halo 4!

As you all know Halo 4 is on it’s way sometime next year. Master chief is flying towards a giant planet/tele-porter/eyeball. It looks kind of Forerunner like doesn’t it? Or at least sentinel like. Sentinel Beam’s were a pretty cool and novelty weapon in Halo 3. But with possible new enemies don’t you think new weapons, and I mean completely new weapons, are a possibility? Not really a possibility but a must-have and almost definite thing. I mean a pimped out sentinel beam would be pretty cool don’t you think? Well share your ideas here.

If you want to design a new vehicle then visit DHG Silver Sol’s thread here:


1: Don’t make it too over-powered. I mean that would just ruin the game, right? So give it a weakness or a con. Like recoil or over-cool.

2: What kind of range does it give? What does the scope look like? A new BR/DMR? A new focus rifle-style gun? Stuff like this.

3: Any special attachments that you can take on or off (Or not)? Like the SMG and Silenced SMG (although you couldn’t take this attachment off.)

4: Please don’t post if you want weapons to return. I would prefer original weapon ideas.

5: Try make some more awesome forerunner or non-human and non-covenant weapons. Like the sentinel beam… (If you do have any Human or Covenant Idea’s don’t be afraid to post 'em just would look forward to Forerunner-like Weapons.)

I will Make a List of Awesome suggestions that I think are good if this thread gets under-way.

Reserved post for Notable/Interesting Ideas

A “Gravity Launcher” that would accelerate light (movable) objects forward at massive speed.
It would have 100 Charge and could be used 5 times (20 charge per use). It would have a charge period before each launch (gathering gravitational energy via vents) similar to the spartan laser. It would be hilarious to see it in use, splattering enemies with barrels etc.

not enough information as i expect john to have the same armament as halo 3. witch means that the new weapons would have to come from the enemys and as of yet we do not know who or what that is

This says enough for me. It turns out that most of the known Forerunner weapons are beam weapons.

I think the more important questions are:

  1. What else is effective against the Flood? Most Covey weapons were derived from Forerunner. Needler clearly isn’t a beam weapon. But is it pure Covenant or from Forerunner tech?

  2. What do Forerunners name their weapons after? UNSC used animals, mostly predatory. Covies used supernatural/mythology and Egyptian names for mining vehicles.

Stars? Constellations? Space names?

Sentinel and enforcer can be used as militarized terms. Also note the Guardian sentinel. But what about Constructors and Gatherers? Hence, why Sentinel naming won’t work with Forerunner weapons.

The M99 Special Application Scoped Rifle, also referred to as the M99 Stanchion Gauss Rifle or simply the Stanchion, was a United Nations Space Command anti-material rifle.

The technology used in the M99 is practically the same concept used on the larger Mass Drivers and MAC, but on a much smaller scale. This system works through using a series of electromagnetic coils (an Asynch Linear-Induction Motor) rather than chemical propellants as a source of kinetic energy, and is very similar to the M68 Gauss Cannon. A weapon which utilizes this technology is, needless to say, very powerful.

The 5.4mm/.21 caliber round is very small in comparison to most standard firearms of the era, but using the Gauss technology, the small rounds have the ability to rip targets apart, even through office buildings. This is due to the high force imparted on the round. The round creates shockwaves as it passes through the target. In the case of material targets, this is a minor explosion. In the case of personnel targets, it simultaneously rips apart and pulverizes the body around the impact area. Even hits in an extremity can be deadly.

The Model 99 Special Application Scoped Rifle first entered production in 2491, and its production was ceased in 2521.

Don’t you just LOVE the way “SGR” rolls off your tounge?
The weapon itself was a very powerful sniper-type weapon but was ceased in 2521. Knowing that Halo 4 will take place after the legendary ending of Halo 3, it’s unknown at the moment how much time has actually passed. What if during the events of Halo 3 up to the beginning of Halo 4, the UNSC had a new type of Gauss Rifle under development? Possibly a more convinient version, one that sacrificed the range and damage for more portability, and possibly magazine count? One that deals 1-hit kills at close range, but not at medium range, and can only score one hit head headshot kills at medium range, but not long range?

What im proposing is that after further development, the SGR would primarily become a medium range weapon. A small scope, slightly bigger magazine capacity, better portability, OR

[Posted by: SurCampsALOT]
It is a one shot kill weapon, however it must be reloaded after everyshot. It doesn’t have as much range as a sniper, but it will kill no matter where you hit them. It’s like the laser without the long charge up. But the gauss shell isn’t hitscan so you need to lead your targets like the Halo 1 sniper.

So, how bout’ it?

Gravity Grenade
Gravity Rifle
EMP Pistol

Forerunner Pistol

This pistol is a medium range sidearm with a 2x scope. It fires a beam of plasma much like a plasma pistol but it is more powerful and fires at a slower rate, to which it seems like the UNSC sidearm.The Forerunner Pistol can use an overcharge to stun vehicles and shields of opponents much like the plasma pistol.

Adder: Fourunner weapon the shoots multiple lasers or beams in a widely spread pattern to dispatch enemies at a close range. This weapon holds a charge of 45 shots, The weapon will also over heat if fired 3 times in a row rapidly. This weapon uses a energy cell and must be manual chocked via a level located on the base of the weapon. (Similar to a level action shotgun)

Sphinx: A covy weapon that fires a large plasma projectile the has a large arc to it, Similar to that of a wraith. This weapon can be used at long to short ranges.

Aeris Cannon: A Fourunner shoulder mounted weapon that charges up with 6 super charged electro magnets and fires a stream of intense Lightning at a target, this will cause heavy vehicles to get stunned for a short period of time, it will also cause light vehicles to over charge and explode and even lock down the armor of a Spartan.

Flack Rifle: A covy weapon that shoots plasma at very high speeds, the plasma is super heated and can melt through a Spartans armor with 1 good shot, 2 if your not so lucky. The weapon will over heat after each shot, but is extremly accurate. The Flack Rifle come equip with a X24 optical scope. This is a the succesor to the Beam Rifle, and is used by recon squads of Elites and Brutes.

That all i got for now though.

Hmm no ideas for new weaponry.
But I think they should add in the ability to switch your weapons firing mode.

A 3 round Burst(BR)/Single Shot(DMR)/Full-auto 21 round magazine marksman rifle.
Of course there would be various trade offs between the modes.
The 3RB and SS need to to balanced correctly damage-wise.
Should the 3rb do the same amount of damage as a single shot? well no.
But we can’t have it overpower the SS. another conversation for another day.

3 round burst - the standard mode. Can be countered by fast moving/strafing targets, having you to lead your shots.
Single shot - see DMR
Full-auto - useless against distant targets, only a last resort when the enemy get the jump on you and you have no assault rifle.

Assault Rifle:
Semi-Auto? 5RB?
Grenade Launcher(ammo comes from your grenade count.) Shorten the timer of the grenade by 1 second.
able to be shot further then can be thrown.

Pump Action
Auto - Full Chamber expenditure

if from the trailer we know anything… i’m sure 343i have this covered.

(dual wield)

Standard - Straight shot missile fire.
SAM mode - Fast moving able to track banshee’s/falcon’s with ease.

Hold for beam mode - (ie monitor laser/beam rifle) 2-3 seconds long? powerful but at the expense of the entire charge.

Grenade Launcher:
Reach’s GL is awesome… do not change it.

Just a few musing’s on the subject I guess.

I had this idea about a new piece of equipment, a Covenant proximity mine that fired dozens of Needles. But as this is Halo 4 and the Covenant may not be present, perhaps the concept could be adapted to become Forerunner tech instead.

The Pulse Light Mine or Pulse Mine for short (a Forerunner proximity mine that shoots out a pulse of blinding light that temporarily impairs any nearby players sight).

the forruner shougun fire six beam out
pro longer range than shougun
cons slow rate of fire smal clip of only four roud befor reload

BR-55 Single-Shot mode
-higher rate of fire and more control over where the bullets go, but does much less per-bullet damage than Photon Burst Rifle (8-9 shot kill)

Forerunner Photon Burst Rifle
-Fires a single burst of pure energy, does much more damage per shot than the BR-55 (5 shot kill), but has a far lower rate of fire.

MA60 Light Machine Gun
-Holds a huge amount of ammo (100 rounds) and does large amounts of damage (6-7 shot kill), but has massive recoil.

Forerunner Photon Beam Cannon
-Anti-vehicle weapon. Basically like the Focus Rifle, but actually works against vehicles.

L77-E Anti-Vehicle Rifle
-An anti-vehicle sniper rifle. Basically a handheld MAC gun. Can only hold one round per mag, can only carry three spare rounds.

MA5C Assault Rifle Extended Mags
-MA5C assault rifle with an extended magazine (32+16 rounds) for more sustained firing.

Forerunner Shockwave rifle
-Projects a field of energy, knocking targets slightly back and damaging them. Holds five bursts per magazine.

-The shotgun from CE.

Forerunner Energy Lance Launcher
-Launches a single, highly charged burst of energy, capable of killing most infantry in a single blow. Energy dissipates rapidly, and is worthless about a foot outside melee range.

a ling ling cannon or a mummified jalapeno bacon bomb

I’m looking forward to seeing weapons like there is in the new Captain America movie. OR District 9!

I would love to see customizable weapons, somewhat similar to the random weapon generator in Borderlands. In my system, the time you spend in Campaign you would come across weapon parts that could be used to create unique weapons. You could use these unique weapons in multiplayer, and when killed others could pick them up in that game, but not keep them in their armory.

This would definitely promote replay value in campaign (particularly LASO if it were to pay off better components the more difficult the play), and likely communtiy play in campaign.

I think that it would open up the Halo experience in a whole new direction that would energize players.

Beam Grenade:

When thrown it detonates sending a single surge of high energy beams in a 10m radius, similar to the sentinel beam.