New Weapon Ideas-Be Creative.

Reply mentioning a new weapon idea you’d like to see in Halo 4.

Mine: Assualt Rifle with implemented forunner tech. Adds accuracy and damage and changes the overall look of the gun.

Your turn!

this isnt that creative but i always thought it should have been in halo we have the ar (submachine gun rite?) but we dont have a heavy duty machine gun (and i dont mean as heavy duty as the turret i mean like in between the 2 i guess :P) anyways ya their it iz

Time grenades ala Timeshift!

An Emorifle with a bad emo haircut and pink highlights that makes weeping sounds instead of gunfire when shooting. It will also have a bayonet attachment which it will at times try to use on itself. Also on occasion increasingly crappier and crappier music will begin blasting out from the rifle instead of bullets.

This weapon will be utterly useless, much like its real life counterparts.

i would say thats racism but i dont think it is… lol :stuck_out_tongue: