New Weapon/Gear Ideas

I’m imagining for Halo 3 but some might work in the other titles I suppose.

  • Ling Ling’s Head: Telekinesis voodoo magic dog head in a formaldehyde jar, held with both hands. I’m thinking it would basically function like the Gravity Gun from Half-Life 2.

  • Hologrom Equipment: Repurpose that cool looking Radar Jammer from Halo Online. You drop it down and your hologram then walks forward from it like in Reach.

  • Smoke Grenades: Smoke grenades.

  • Muk Bombs: Flood sacks that when thrown on a surface make it slippery and when thrown on a player covers their visor/screen temporarily with gunky Flood liquid. You can put out fire with them.

  • Usable Honor Guard Spear.

  • Usable Katana: No damage to shields but insta kill to unshielded. Maybe make the other Back Accessory weapons usable too.

  • Pulser: Repurpose that nice looking yellow plasma gun from Halo Online and make it function like the CE Plasma Rifle.

  • Silenced versions of the AR, BR, Sniper Rifle, Shotgun and Magnum. Make firing these guns and the Silenced SMG and Automag not appear on motion tracker.

  • Repulsor Equipment like the one in Infinite.

  • Grappleshot Equipment like the one in Infinite.

  • Motion tracker equipment like the one in Infinite.

  • Sticky Detonator: Like the one in Halo 4.