New Weapon designs

I have designed some weapon designs that 343 might be interested, i do not know how to contact them directly or submit them to 343 for them to use. Here is the link to the weapon designs. Anyone is welcomed to make 3d models of these designs or use them. Please give credit.

Battle Rifle in Infinite should just be the Halo 2 Battle Rifle, in my opinion.

I like the Halo 5 BR and all. It looks cool and does exactly what a BR should do. But the H2 BR looks cooler and does it better. Hopefully the Infinite BR goes old school. And while I’m sure there’ll be options and different models like Halo 5 had, I want the one in the campaign to be the H2 model.

As for new weapons … UNSC, Covenant, Forerunner, whatever … I welcome creativity and new stuff. I rather liked the Hydra, Plasma Launcher, Sticky Detonator, Needle Rifle, etc. … all the new weapons we’ve seen over the years. They’re fun. Some caught on–like the Spartan Laser–and others didn’t … like the Plasma Repeater. So I like new designs and concepts. They’re neat.

Just one thing … if we get the old BR back, can we get the old Plasma Rifle back? The Storm Rifle just ain’t my jam.