New Warzone Variants???

So I was on twitter earlier and I watched this Interview sort of thing with Bonnie Ross, it was a pretty cool interview. After you read this you should go watch it.
but I saw that the Warzone menu had a lot of variants of Warzone on there.
I noticed there was a 2 player warzone, I think it’s for their monthly streams, A variant mentioning the Kraken, maybe they’re testing the Kraken from the campaign to put into Warzone or Firefight!
I also noticed there was a mode labeled “Warzone Firefight 30 fps”, You know what that means? Halo 5’s engine ISN’T limited to only 60 fps like they’ve previously said.
No matter what, i’m glad they chose 60 fps though. the game feels so good and smooth. especially after playing other games.
Link to Interview with Bonnie Ross Link to Warzone Variants screenshot

Whoa dude, I wonder if we’ll ever see any of those… crosses fingers

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> Whoa dude, I wonder if we’ll ever see any of those… crosses fingers

Me too, It would be awesome to have a 2 player Warzone, but it would also be pretty quiet

Possibly quiet but it would feel like you and a buddy against the world or something lol

That kraken Warzone sounds interesting, I’m hoping they release it as a game mode like the scarab assault multi-player mod for halo 3
(2 scarabs and you have to destroy the opponent’s scarab)

double post sorry

I would absolutely love 2 player Warzone… So long as it’s more like Firefight and less like Warzone.

It looks like sandbox testing and debug stuff. Doesn’t really seem set in stone.

But my god are they working on a lot of stuff… Like, a lot. It almost seems like a whole other release of Halo 5 being worked on.

I hope Warzone Turbo stays! Honestly, this variant is what I first thought Warzone was with the introduction of REQs. One reason why.