New warzone spawn system encourages farming.

I know 343 had good intentions in changing the warzone spawning system that now allows players to spawn inside a garage or armory that they hold while it’s being contested.

However there is a side effect to this that I’ve witnessed in our games. If we have 4 guys clear out a base the enemy can respawn right inside this base constantly. This results in mass spawn killing ( something that hasn’t gone over very well in warzone obviously) or it shifts the focus of an organized team from taking the armory to containing the enemy at the armory.

Even though a group of randoms or a casual fireteam can have 2 spawn points, home base and armory. Having an entire 12 person team focused on containing an enemy can be very frustrating for that team. They step outside and are met with a barrage of Fire. It doesn’t feel much different than “farming”.

Core caps needed to be encouraged. This change to spawns has made pushing an objective less appealing, not more so.

On another note regarding objectives grunt goblins,and other mythic enemies are often left unchallenged because the reward is often not worth the effort. I love the random boss spawns, but some of these bosses need to be tonned down. I’m constantly seeing 2 or 3 legendary bosses up at the same time because both teams have decided they’re not worth the effort.

The best way to lessen the length of one sided warzone games is to encourage teams to play the objective above all else. I’m not seeing that in the games I’ve played post update yet.

I would recomend going back to the old spawn system. And nerfing some of the mythic bosses again so there is a real fight
For those points