New warzone maps

New warzone maps please. Isn’t warzone where 343 makes most their microtransactions revenue. U’d think they’d have a high priority to updates etc

I’m pretty sure that there won’t be anymore maps added as I think that 343i is shifting more of their focus onto Halo Infinite…

There will not be any new warzone maps made. They dedicated their resources into H5 when they had the opportunity.

There won’t be any new content for Halo 5 at all. No dev-made maps, no weapons, no armor, nothing. Halo 5’s life-span is nearing the end and the team is switching their focus to Halo Infinite and the MCC patch. The only new maps would probably be community made Forge maps that get put into Matchmaking, but that doesn’t really count. Halo 5 will most likely remain in the state it currently is in until its servers are shut down many years from now.

i think its lame as balls that theres only one map for mythic. may not make such a difference i guess but it would be nice to play more then just the same dang one every time.

Heck im not even asking for new maps i just want variety with the current state of their beloved gamemodes.

I know it’s not gonna happen, but they don’t even need to make new maps. Just give us a refresh with the rounds. There’s a huge FireFight feedback thread somewhere in this forum with suggestions and fixes that can be made.

Edit: Sorry, I had FF on my mind and didn’t realize it was for normal WZ maps, but FF needs a huge refresh as well. For the REQ money point, I’d actually wonder how much they’re making now compared to when H5 was in its prime. It’s probably nowhere near what it used to be.

I am glad they are not adding more. this way they can spend more time working on the new halo.