Seeing as how there are a limited number of maps for warzone to begin with how about introducing a new game mode at least. Similar to big team battles from halo 3. However, instead of adding a big team battle type of game into the arena rotation how about making it a warzone game mode. Allowing two teams to go head to head in a race for kills where req’s are allowed. I hate the idea of req’s only being available in objective based styles. I get that normal warzone is geared towards either or but having a game changer such as a boss kill swing the tides and cause a loss all because a random team combination does not guarantee that everyone understands what wins the game style. Pure death and mayhem with req’s allowed would be AMAZE-BALLS!!!

Warzone just needs some variation, period. A straight up Slayer variant with REQs is fine by me. Or what about Warzone CTF? Or PvE Warzone? 12 players vs waves of AI?

Agreed. Cycling through the same 3 maps gets pretty bland. I’ve also made a habit of being on the team that ignores all the bosses. It gets old real quick. Heck, even some variation on what bosses appear and when on a given map would be refreshing.