New Warzone Firefight hot fix fixes almost nothing

Very few issues were fixed here in my opinion. I appreciate The actual fixes they made like reducing the amount of knights during the grunt boss on Raid on Apex. But a lot of things where just moved around instead of actually fixed. The defend the garage objective on Escape from A.R.C. along with other defend objectives are still just as annoyingly difficult if not harder. Nothing was fixed about the objectives they were just moved to later rounds. I’m assuming the reasoning here was that players will have better Reqs so it’ll be easier. But I haven’t seen a difference. Req weapons literally do nothing to promethean enemies and run out of ammo way too fast. And getting another weapon is out of the question because the long charge up time of points. Not to mention your only options are to go to a Req station in the middle of a damn firefight, or die. And this is where they made the problem worse. Dying is still near impossible and since they moved it to a higher round, the respawn time is increased. Putting you out of the fight longer and making it harder to prevent capture. Higher Reqs means pretty much nothing for vehicles. The only vehicles you can get into the Garage are small ones that will be destroyed almost immediately. Tanks and such can shoot in and clear enemies but can’t do anything to prevent the capture and get recked by splinter grenades and incineration cannons anyways. The clear answer to fixing these objectives in my opinion is to look at the real problems. Overwhelming amounts of strong enemies make these objectives impossible at any round. The only time I’ve passed them is when I’m in a glitched spot where enemies can’t see me or when I use like 3 active camo power ups and just hide. The defend objectives are more like attack objectives if anything with enemies spawning closer to the objective than you do. I spend more time charging the base to get in than actually in the base defending it. And more time dead than anything else.

I totally agree, it’s like they listened but didn’t listen at the same time. Such a disappointment.

I agree, plus if you are not already camped in the Garage when it announces defend the garage it is nearly impossible to fight your way in to get to the Req station, you will die if you try to get out another weapon, plus they spawn inside rather than outside so they are instantly capturing. If you had been in the home base on the previous round, that is a hell of a treck to grt back there, by which time it’s 1/2 way to being captured with lots of strong enemies waiting for you