New voice actors you’d like to see in future campaign DLC

Which of your favorite VAs—and maybe even some regular actors—would you like to hear in Halo Infinite’s future campaigns (assuming they ever see the light of day)?

Here’s my picks:

  • Clancy Brown as a primary brute antagonist: Waaaaay back when that ‘Signal Detected’ Banished teaser dropped a couple years ago, I genuinely thought Mr. Brown was the voice behind the transmission. Of course, we later learned it was Darin De Paul’s Escharum. So, now that the war chief has been defeated, why not give Clancy Brown the chance to shine as a new Banished leader? Atriox deserves to be the big bad, of course, but I’d love to see Mr. Krabs up there by his side.
  • Greg Cipes as a grunt: Need I say more? It’s Greg Cipes. The dude has some serious range when it comes to both high-pitched and low-pitched voice acting.
  • JK Simmons as a UNSC captain/admiral/whatever: This guy needs no introduction. While I’d love for him to join the Halo franchise as J. Jonah Jameson, Mr. Simmons would more realistically be a good Captain Keyes/Lord Hood-type figure. Or, if he wants to get angry, he would make a heck of a marine sergeant too. I know this one is outlandish in terms of getting an A-list actor onboard with a video game, but hey. You never know. It’s happened before.

Thoughts on mine? Let’s hear some more ideas, too!


Never thought about something like this but I know that there are many various voice actors out there that could bring some greatness to Halo!

Samuel Jackson to voice a grunt.

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I’ll always say Nathan Fillion. At this point he would have to return as Buck, but I loved his marine voice work before then, too.

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There ain’t never been any dlc fam

Pee Wee Herman as one of the Guilty Spark type robo caretakers.

There probably isn’t going to be any DLC for awhile (given the state of the game), but Microsoft has trademarked a couple names for future stories. The theory a lot of people have is that they’re going to be built right into Infinite, since 343 still seems to be going for that ten-year plan.

“Enough is ENOUGH! I have had it with these mother[REDACTED] demons on this mother[REDACTED] ring!”

I think it would also be interesting to have some of the star cast members of Call of Duty have a pseudo crossover into Halo Infinite as a chain of side-missions where you go to rescue captured ODSTs.

Imagine it. You are exploring Zeta Halo and approaching a beacon. All of a sudden you hear a familiar voice come in over the radio -
This is Captain Price of the One-Hundred-and-Forty-First battalion of helljumpers! We are broadcasting a beacon to a data-drive that contains our present location under heavy encryption. Please respond, I have wounded! This message will repeat.

Upon arriving to the location of the beacon, you find a LOT of dead banished with evidence of the cause of death being sniper fire from multiple angles. And then Elizabeth (what I hope The Weapon ends up calling herself) announces that there is someone trying to open comms with them over a UNSC signal.

Familiar Voice - “Well I’ll bloody be… That isn’t who I think it is, is it?
Chief - “This Master Chief Petty Officer John-117. Identify yourself.
Familiar Voice - “I’m the Lieutenant of the One-Hundred-and-Forty-First battalion. Callsign is Ghost sir. My current location is up high at your four o’clock. See the glint?

*Chief looks up to see a glinting light reflection up high on a ridge.

Chief - “I copy your location Ghost. What’s the status of your battalion?
Ghost - “Meet me up here and I will give you the details sir. Comms aren’t safe.

*players go up to meet with Ghost on the ridge.

Ghost - “You sure are a sight for these dead eyes Master Chief.
Chief - “Where are the rest of you men?
Ghost - “Most of the battalion was lost with the UNSC Infinity. A few squads made it onto the ring during the chaos. And those of us who aren’t present have been recently captured by the Banished… or worse… made the ‘guest of honor’ at the dinner table.
Elizabeth - “Oh no.
Chief - “How many are missing?
Ghost - “Price, Gaz, Soap, Roach, Farah, Kyle, and Yuri are MIA. Sandman, Allen, Ramirez, and I are all that’s left that we know of. We have been picking off banished who have been investigating the beacon. I know you might be a bit busy with other operations, but as it stands right now we are too busy defending the beacon that the Captain left behind to risk sending out a man or two. Could you help us in regrouping?
Chief - “I’ve got time. Do you have any leads?
Ghost - “Less of a lead and more of a hunch really, but there is a Banished outpost upspin that we lost Kyle and Yuri during a supply raid. That would be the best place to start.
Chief - “Agreed.

Would make for an interesting side-quest line that could reward players with ODST-themed armor pieces for multiplayer customization. Especially when they eventually add in an ODST Armor Core like Helljumper Gen-3 somewhere down the line.

Also Sam Witwer would also be a great choice for a Private of the Infinity Security teams who had expected to live a soldier’s life off of the front lines, only to be shoved into the Banished occupied Zeta Halo as someone who feels not up to the task but eventually grew to be someone who now is more comfortable in this hostile environment.