New Vehicles

So I love warzone, BUT I think what H5 needs to. add more vehicles. We’re gonna get a new mantis which I’m super pumped about, but I think we need more. Especially of the promethean variety. That said, a UNSC vehicle would also be welcome.

Right now I feel like the ground scene is solid, but the air scene is lacking. Banshees are prevalent, and the phaeton is super rare and a little too vulnerable to standard loadouts. We need a UNSC vehicle up there. to make things intereating or some prom variants on our unsc staples to make the game truly multi-directional. IMO.

I think the Prometheans should make a giant robotic frog with suppressor cannons on the side. It could be equivalent of a warthog except you could jump and land on people

Agreed. I don’t understand why they didn’t bring back either the Falcon or the Hornet (why not both?). Everyone was asking for at least one during development of H5.