New Vehicle idea: UNSC Bloodhound

UNSC "Bloodhound"

DESIGNATION: M282 Ultra-Light Force Application Vehicle

MANUFACTURER: AMG Transport Dynamics

CREW CAPACITY: 1 Driver + 1 Passenger

PRIMARY ARMAMENT: 1x Anti-Tank Gun (M58 37mm LATG)

Developed at the request of members of the SPARTAN-IV program, the Bloodhound project called for a lightweight attack vehicle that could match the Mongoose for speed and versatility and the Warthog for firepower. The result was a small, lightly-armored motorcycle with a 37mm anti-tank gun integrated into the chassis. So far it has proven more than a match for its Covenant counterparts, the Ghost and the Chopper, in small-scale engagements.

What do you think? The UNSC needs a single-seat light with a driver-controlled gun that can hold its own against the likes of the Ghost and Chopper; as opposed to the Mongoose, which is only good for getting from point A to point B most of the time… (not to mention unintentionally splattering your teammates while only wounding your enemies).

Aesthetically, it would be similar to the Halo 3 Mongoose with the angular Warthog-style windshield. The 37mm gun would be integrated into the frame; NOT hanging off the side like the Mega Bloks “Siege Bike” vehicle. Also, like the Mongoose you would be able to edit the Bloodhound’s team color in Forge (I actually think they should allow that for all vehicles).

The Bloodhound would be about as lightly armored as the Mongoose, but its main gun; a single 37mm cannon, is similar in terms of rate of fire and damage to the Chopper’s four cannons (although it does not pack as much force).

Q & A

Q: What purpose does the Bloodhound fulfill, and what makes it a better choice than the Mongoose?*
<em>A: Unlike the Mongoose, the Bloodhound is armed; it has a 37mm anti-tank gun integrated into the chassis powerful enough to damage or even destroy a Wraith (in skilled hands). The Bloodhound would fit into the same niche as the Revenant in Halo:Reach; a two-seat light vehicle with a driver-operated weapon that can be used like a Ghost or a Mongoose. It could also be useful for chasing down an enemy Mongoose carrying your flag, being faster than the Chopper and packing more firepower than the Ghost.</em>
<em>But like the Revenant, the Mongoose would ultimately be the better choice for Flag and Ball runs; the Bloodhound trades speed for firepower, though it does have better traction than the Mongoose and thus less likely to flip over.</em>
<em>Q: What about the Brute Chopper?*</em>
<em><em>A: The Chopper, as ever, would still be the best choice for the big vehicle battles; being more heavily armored and with its trademark ability to splatter other light vehicles and fully-loaded Warthogs. But the Bloodhound is faster and more agile than the Chopper, and handles small maps much better. Although, I think it would be interesting to see what happens when these two go head-to-head.</em></em>
<em><em>Q: What’s the point of the Bloodhound? We already have the Ghost.*</em></em>
<em><em><em>A: When it comes to a choice between the Ghost an Bloodhound, it’s a matter of personal preference; the Bloodhound is faster than the Ghost without boosting and packs more powerful weaponry, but the Ghost is faster while boosting and is a little more heavily armored. Besides which, the more variety, the better.</em></em></em>