New Vehichles&Weapons!

Now guys, this has been talked about a lot but i’m just bringing it up. We want and need new and more vehicles and weapons! the mantis, rail gun, saw etc are all great but come on, No hornet/falcon? no smg or spilker? We want the stuff we all loved back in halo 3/reach and even halo wars! the Wolverine was epic!! Come on 343 please try and bring back all the stuff we want. And also, bring in a new forge world and let us spawn falcons, hornets, mammoths, elephants, wolverines, different types of mantis suits!! If 343 does stumble across this forum, take it in consideration please!

okay few pointers:

its HIGHLY that they wont put in new weapons BUT they might very well put in the hornet in a future DLC map seeming nearly everyone wants it back BUT and this is a big but, that vehicle will only be able to be used on that one map and forged on that one map, they could add new weapons but again theyll only be on the maps that we see them on so like a DLC map but it would take alot of time, i would have thought theyd bring em back in halo 5 but at the moment i doubt it so hornet maybe weapons no probs not