New Update Ruins Forge Fun?

So in the new ghosts of meridian update 343i released, they patched welding objects to other objects, i.e animated objects and non animated objects. found out the hard way that this affected welding items to vehicles. either intentional or unintentional, this patch kinda sucks as now fun gametypes like The Great Skittle cant be created anymore, and unholy vehicular combinations (banshee-wraith, gause-mongoose, ect) arent possible. this might be just me having issues or it might not. any thoughts / input / ideas?

Its kind of disappointing, really. But Im still hoping they’ll make it official in a later patch.

it really is dissapointing, and after they showcased some of the clever maps and praising their creativity… i had just finished a banshee-dual rocket turret combo vehicle to fill the humanless vehicle void on one of my maps & now the beautifuly unholy falcon replacement is useless & broken.