new update contents

does anyone know what is confirmed to be in the upcoming update, or when it will be released?
i already know fileshare is confirmed.

guess nothing is confirmed

New reqs and places to play was mentioned, also 4k support for PC forge, and file list in game.

> On the Halo 5 front, there is much in the works, and much on the way. Final efforts are underway for the next Halo 5 drops on both Xbox One and Halo 5 Forge for Windows 10, which will of course include support for mouse and keyboard as well as optimized Forge controls, 4K support, the ability to play custom games while wearing your KBMOD t-shirt, and more (for free!). The next Halo 5 content release will include a variety of goodness, with new places to play, new REQs to wreak havoc with, and more. New objects and features are coming to the world of Forge. Also included (and my personal favorite) is the Halo 5 Content Browser, which will let players on both platforms discover incredible community-created content with new file options, linked screenshots, prefabs, filters, trending maps, and more. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing the name, release date, and full contents of this next update.

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> guess nothing is confirmed

Nope, nothing has been confirmed as of yet.