New update coming this Tuesday?

the new update has to be coming this Tuesday or wed. If not then the only day the week after before March 1st is Monday and I don’t see them releasing updates on Monday unless I’m completely wrong.

Whats the point of this thread if you don’t really know?

Whats the point of you replying if you don’t care or have no interest in this thread?

Since they moved the stream back, it definitely signifies a next week release

So it has to be Monday the 29th then.

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> So it has to be Monday the 29th then.

No, it’s probably coming this wednsday

The live stream date has been changed to Tuesday at 3pm pst so maybe the same week then.

The stream is Tuesday, as said in the community update. I’m guessing a Thursday or Friday launch for the update unless they shock the world and release it the same day as the stream.

The Hammer Storm Is coming wednsday ,thursday or friday , thats why 343i took the livestream earlier because they knew they couldnt make the livestream the 26 because the update would no longer be a FEBRUARY UPDATE IT would have been and march update