New UNSC weapon concept for funzies

I would like to see a UNSC lever action rifle i think it could be a fun weapon concept to explore in game. The weapon would have 2 modes. One for ADS and another for hipfire. The ADS mode would have a short optional charge up feature before firing for increased damage and projectile speed. Then hipfire mode will fire 3 projectiles in a triangle format that do less damage than ADS and uses 2 ammo per shot. The weapon will be Semi Auto in both hipfire and ADS. This weapon will also have two ADS modes 1 will be the 1.4x zoom that the AR has with no charge up for mid range fights then will be the scoped 2x zoom with charge up for longer ranges

The weapon will be named the “snapdragon”
This weapon idea was inspired by the apex 3030 rifle

ROF (ADS Charged 4R/sec) (Uncharged 6R/sec) Hipfire (6R/sec)
Ammo (16 rounds)
Charge time (.75 sec)
Uncharged (ADS) 4 (no headshot)
Charged (STK) 2 (1 headshot)
Charged (STK) 3 (no headshot )
Hipfire (STK) 12 Pellets (4 shots if all 3 pellets hit)

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Adding to the post here so its not as 1 long paragraph.
The “snapdragon” would play the role of short to long range precision utility rifle

  1. maybe not a new idea, but an original one to say the least. Bring back the SMG from Halo 5. Just CQB brutality and ferocity.
  2. The MA52 Combat Rifle: the MA52 is a gas operated, magazine- fed, semi-automatic weapon designed to bridge the gap between the MA40, and BR75. Its smaller cartridge however lends it self to high velocity and low recoil. Originally intended as a competition weapons system for shooting sports, the MA52 is a flat shooting, low recoil rifle that can engage at both medium and longer distances with ease.
    So think M14, meets an M4 in the similar platform as the Halo bulpup set of weapons. Designed for the Halo equivalent, of 3 gun competitions.

So your MA52 would be 3rnd burst + full auto? Like say ADS is 3rnd burst then hipfire is full auto?

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Semi-auto being single round fired per trigger pull. More accurate than the MA40, but less damage than the BR75. As fast as you can pull the trigger would be the RoF .


No thank you

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Well its just a buzz word 1 scope is the 1.4x AR zoom then the full scope 2x zoom with a charge up function

Here’s a better idea :
Rework the Commando into this weapon.

The Commando seems to have take over the ‘battle rifle’ function, in terms of what a battle rifle traditionally is-real world. Its a larger caliber weapon usually with a lower rate of fire, and more often than not, more accurate. Think AR15 and its larger caliber counterpart, the AR 10.
Where the BR stands currently, it fulfills more of DMR role, rather than its namesake. Due to 343i being criticized for having weapon redundancies, theyve gone for a more streamlined weapon sandbox, combining several weapons into one utility function instead of damage funtion. The current BR is only there to saitate the “purest mobs” chanting BR in the forums. It looks like the BR, sounds like a BR, mimics the 3 round burst of thr BR, but in reality, its really a DMR and not a BR.

The BR from Halo 5 fits more in line with a BR traditionally, in fact, the Halo 5 Beta variant was the best its ever been-my opinion.

There is no sense in talking about “taking over the Battle Rifle Function” because Commando is clearly a replication of the Covenant Carbine. They both have similar TTK, similar rounds per mag and similar shots to kill.

In Halo games that have featured the Covenant Carbine and BR or DMR has distinct traits of each rifle which make them unique:

  • DMR almost always has superior range and damage, but the Bloom and recoil requires you to have precise aim and good trigger discipline

  • BR has a burst shot, fair TTK and most importantly, it’s a blend of precision skill and the burst shot providing some ease of access to players with poorer aim. It’s also quite spammable.

  • Covenant Carbine has similar range to the BR, but instead of shooting in Bursts, it has virtually no recoil and very high fire rate if spammed. The drawback is your shots have trails which give away your positioning.

Commando reflects the Carbine almost identically which can be considered the successor to the Carbine in Infinite’s sandbox, which makes its role distinct from that of the BR, whereas the BR in Infinite still retains its burst and “poor aim safety net”.

We are still missing a DMR because tbh the Stalker while coming close has a noticable projectile travel time as well as higher damage per shot than any DMR we have seen in previous Halos.

Also if anything is “taking over the Battle Rifle function” in Infinite, it’s actually the AR.
AR when fired in controlled bursts have very good accuracy at longer ranges, similar to H2 and H3 BR’s effective red reticule range. It also shreds in close to mid, making it the bread and butter dominant rifle in the game.

Oh dookie! I didnt even consider the Carbine role! In my defense, i was looking at it purely in the human weapon pool. However, you are correcr, it does reflect the carbine more than a BR/DMR replacement.