New Twitch Stream! Onyx | Level 50 | Agent Z3

Agent Z3 Fear

Hello! I’ve just started up streaming if you guys want to check it out and give some feedback or just talk Halo Wars in general.



I’m also in dire need of a partner! If you’re pretty good at HW2 and want to play, just hit me up.

Just watched your stream. Yeah your ally sucked, but you fast expo’d without scouting and had no army to defend yourself either… You can’t only blame your team mate in that scenario.

Thanks for the feedback! I guess my thinking process was somewhere along the lines as 1) I need to get my economy rolling as he took both extra pads and 2) if they attack me first, I’m going to need another base. I knew they were going to rush, chopper rush, everybody does it now.

2nd game there, again, no scouting by you or your enemy. Zero contact or even sighting between either of you until 6:39 and yet you still triple based and then double pumped banshees based on zero knowledge of what your enemy was doing. No further engagement unit your banshee attack at 10:45.

It worked, but only because your enemy didn’t scout and like you had a set plan before the match even started. Literally neither of you pushed past half map until you attacked at 10:40.

Just my feedback on what I saw.

I wasn’t worried about it. You’re right, he hadn’t pushed towards me so I didn’t assume a rush. Most people rush with either marines or choppers, my banshees cut them down like nothing. As Atriox, I have the advantage of fortification, I had 3 bases up before he even started on his second. That game was over long before it ended. I’ll use a scout more often though, I see what you’re saying. I guess I always assume a rush of some sort. That’s how people choose to play this game.

A Rush begins at the 2-3min mark lolz.

Always looking for more people to play with if you want.